My little girl is turning two years old today.

I could say ‘I can’t believe where the time has gone’ but it’s such a cliché, however it is still true! The last year whizzed by and here we are, 24 months after she made her grand entrance in our living room on a cold frosty Monday morning.

The past year was truly amazing and although I loved our first year together, it was the second year that has probably been my favourite so far. As soon as she turned one we could communicate better and she was able to express herself more clearly. Her personality really started coming out and she is turning to this adorable yet feisty, cute yet smart, funny yet curious little girl and I couldn’t have been more proud of her. She is caring, affectionate and with great manners (not sure how at this young age?!) – she says ‘sorry’, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ daily and it melts my heart when she does. She is into role play at the moment, so all toys come alive and go on various adventures – she even takes a helium-filled balloon for ‘a walk’!

I sometimes miss the days when she was a tiny baby that could fit in my arms and could sleep on my chest for hours. I sometimes miss those newborn cuddles. But at the same time I love it when she runs over to me, wrap herself around me and says ‘love you, mama’ in her sweet little voice.

She is the best and she is a dream come true. Happy birthday, Em!

At two years old, Emilia:

  • understands Polish and English equally well
  • speaks non stop and repeats everything she hears, including some of our phrases and sayings that sound so weird coming out of her mouth!
  • loves her big brother and wants to do everything that he does
  • is a snack eater and could easily graze on little things all day long
  • has a long nap once a day
  • is generally a great sleeper + a late riser (as opposed to Antek who is an early bird)
  • loves bouncing on the bed
  • can say the alphabet, count to 10 and recognises all the colours + shapes
  • is a big fan of Paw Patrol, Cars and soft toys
  • is very good at putting together jigsaw puzzles
little baby girl looking out window golden hour
emilia at two years old
emilia at two years old sleeping
baby girl drinking milk in deep shadow
toddler girl looking up at camera blue eyes
small girl climbing on trampoline in garden
toddler girl wearing pink sunglasses
tiny girl sitting in paddling pool wearing sun hat swimming costume
little girl climbing up steps on slide in garden
emilia at two years old plush toys in bed
toddler girl holding wheelbarrow in garden
toddler girl on swing autumn
toddler girl cuddling daddy smiling at camera
black and white portrait of toddler girl after nap
emilia at two years old shadow of little girl on the wall
emilia at two years old with dad in gruffalo forest
emilia at two years old pretend cooking with toys

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