family walk in South Weald Country Park (also known as Stickman Park) is one of my favourite things we do on a regular basis. It's such a lovely place, with things to do for both smaller and bigger kids. While Antek is happy climbing up on various swings, monkey bars and other obstacles, Emilia is content chasing ducks, pigeons and getting close to deer. It's also a great place to discover the fields of bluebells (I seem to miss them every year!).

I've been documenting our trips there during various seasons: we first visited it in autumn, came back in winter and I regularly take photos there in spring. We've been visiting this park since Antek was a small toddler and it makes me happy to bring there Emilia and watch her discover it the same way Antek used to.

There is something so magical about photographing the children being completely engrossed in play and adventure - they are then in their own world and most of the times totally unaware of the camera, which makes for great candid and unposed action shots.

dad with small kids feeding ducks in south weald country park
dad feeding ducks in south weald country park
dad and toddler girl feeding ducks in woodland park
little girl standing on grass looking at ducks
man holding little girl hand in park
boy walking through old wooden gate fence in forest
little boy on wooden bridge looking at stream
mallard ducks South Weald country park
bluebells South Weald country park
single bluebell in forest
south Weald country park Brentwood lake
little boy sitting down bluebells South Weald
boy running away from lake South Weald
little girl in jeans navy top running on grass
boy in navy t-shirt walking through forest
boy hanging off monkey bars in playground south weald country park
little boy smiling climbing monkey bars in playground

Fancy having me following you on your family walk and capture precious moments of your children playing outdoors? Please get in touch and we can arrange a photo session in your favourite local park or forest.