I had the pleasure of photographing this adorable family of three at their home in Romford with their dog (and other pets) at the beginning of spring. I must admit, until recently I hadn’t photographed many families with pets. How is this even possible? Pets make such a great addition to any photo sessions, be it a newborn or a family one. In the end they are part of our families and should be included in this moment of time being captured by the camera.

This family not only had a dog running merrily around us but also a kitten (who was actually hiding from me for the whole time I was there), fish and a guinea pig. Now I know it’s not always practical to photograph all the animals in the house as some may seem more scared of the strangers or camera noise, but I was very pleased that this four-legged member of the family joined us for the fun. I’m sure the whole family will treasure the photos with their dogs for the years to come.

family of three at home with dog
family of three at home with dog on floor
mum and son playing playmobile on floor
family of three at home with dog
family of three at home with dog
cheeky boy smiling at camera
mum with dark hair squeezing paint with son smiling
mum looking adoringly at her son smiling
family of three at home with dog painting
painting pictures at home
family of three at home with dog painting pictures at table
family of three sitting at table painting pictures
little boy showing off his colourful painting to mum
mum cleaning boy hands in bathroom black and white
family of three at home with dog
mum embracing her son smiling at each other
dad and son playing with dinosaurs cars in bedroom
son whispering to dad ear
little boy shy of camera smiling
boy looking seriously at his toy dinosaur
family of three at home with their dog joking around in bedroom
husband and wife hugging smiling embracing
family of three portrait on yellow sofa
woman with dark hair in white dress cuddling white brown dog
mixed race dog white brown on yellow leather armchair

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