Photographing siblings is always special, but it is even more heartwarming when you photograph a big brother with his new baby sister. The look of love and pride on his face is priceless. And the way he showers her with hugs and kisses just melts your heart!

I loved our photos that Alina took in the comfort of our home. The arranging of the shoot was easy and simple with clear communication. Alina made us all feel at ease and managed to capture some beautiful moments between my children.
new baby girl laying on big bed
brown eyes baby girl looking at camera
sleeping new baby girl
chubby cheeks baby girl sleeping
mum and two kids on big bed playing
curly haired toddler boy kissing baby sister
big brother pointing at baby sister
big brother and baby sister at home in Hornchurch
big brother and baby sister at home in Hornchurch
tattooed mum breastfeeding baby daughter
woman with arm tattoos breastfeeding baby
woman with tattoos breastfeeding baby on bed
mum kissing baby girl on forehead
woman with big tattoos holding baby girl in her arms
newborn baby girl sleeping on mum shoulder
sleeping baby girl on shoulder
mum holding baby girl near window
big brother at home in Hornchurch
big brother with mum at home in Hornchurch
blonde curly haired toddler boy smiling
mum and toddler son playing with toys on floor at home in Hornchurch
mum and son playing plastic toys on floor
mum and son playing together in playroom
smiling blonde curly hair toddler boy
mum breastfeeding baby on sofa
breastfeeding mum with two kids on sofa
breastfeeding mum smiling at her toddler son
mum and two kids in messy playroom kitchen
sleeping newborn baby girl at home in Hornchurch

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