Preparing for maternity photo session

A maternity photo session is a lovely thing to do to mark that special time in a woman's life just before she becomes a mother and her life changes forever. It is absolutely worth documenting this gorgeous belly that houses your precious child for nine months and showing the photos of it to your son and daughter when they are bigger. In this post I am answering questions you may have on how to prepare for your own maternity photo session. 

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When should I have my pregnant photoshoot?

I recommend scheduling your maternity photo session when you are between 30-34 weeks pregnant (and around 20 weeks if you are experiencing twins). It is during this time that your belly is nicely rounded and you don't feel too tired or uncomfortable. It is worth mentioning - every woman is different and if you feel you will be swollen and uncomfortable by the time you reach 34 weeks, waiting until then might not be the best idea for you and it's better to schedule a session slightly earlier. On the other hand, some women don't even show until very late into their pregnancy - pay attention to your own body and decide what's best for YOU.

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Where should the session take place?

A maternity photo session focuses on photographing you and your pregnant belly (and other members of the family, if present) in the comfort of your home or another location that’s special to you. It is about capturing you as a person and your life before your little one arrives. Your routines, space, the pile of baby clothes waiting to be worn, an empty nursery full of special items… It is about documenting this special and exciting time in your life and focusing on YOU as a mother-to-be. And I truly believe there is no place better for this session than your own home - the place where you will be bringing your new baby and where you spent so many months waiting for his or her arrival. 

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East London maternity photography

What should I wear?

It is entirely up to you and your personal style as to what to wear for your maternity photo session and the most important thing is that you feel comfortable. Clothes that photograph well are always nudes and pastels - plain clothes without huge logos or patterns. I wrote a blog post on what to wear to your photo session and I also have a Pinterest board that has ideas on colour palettes and outfits for my clients. You may also want to change into beautiful underwear, if you would like to have your bump photographed naked.

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relaxed pregnancy photoshoot East London

Should I do this session by myself or with my partner?

Both! Even though maternity photo session is mainly about YOU, I would always suggest having your partner in some of the photos with you - it makes for some really intimate and sweet images. And if you already have a child (or children), get them involved, too! It's a huge chapter in their lives, too and it is lovely to have them captured as they are in this moment in time. 

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How should I pose?

I approach my maternity sessions much like I do any other photo session. I will make sure you look and feel your best and I won't overly pose you (or your partner). I will move you where the best light is, make sure you are in the most flattering position and then get you in your natural movements. Feeling your baby kick and looking down on your belly, moving your hair out of the way while looking into the distance... This is all natural magic and I will be there to capture it all. 

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My final thoughts

My biggest piece of advice is to not overthink anything and go into a session without any expectations and just allow yourself to enjoy every minute of it. This is a special moment in your life, just before your baby arrives, that you will never get to experience again. 

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