Just as last year (and the years before that), we spent some of our summer holidays in Poland. This time we went for two weeks and even managed to a short trip to the mountains. It was lovely to spent some time with my family and for the grandparents to create memories with their grandchildren.

As expected, the weather was very hot so we spent our days cooling off in a paddling pool in the garden, eating ice lollies and staying in the shade. Antek was also excited to pick up blackberries, peaches, plums, tomatoes and runner beans from the garden on a daily basis. And little miss Emilia got obsessed with the family dog, Gunner!

grandma holding 6 month old baby girl in arms
grandad picking blackberries with grandson
two boys splashing in red bucket
apples in bowl summer sunshine
little girl sitting on big brown dog
6 month old baby girl on grass
small baby girl sitting on brown dog
grandmother smiling holding little girl in arms
smiling boy picking plums from tree
boy picking plums from plum tree
plums in green bucket
grandmother bottle feeding milk baby girl
baby girl on blanket grass with toys and big brown dog
two boys throwing water balloons in garden
grandmother playing with baby girl in living room
little boy playing lego bricks
calisia piano
6 month old baby girl on grass

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