This update means I am now in my last month of pregnancy! I can definitely feel it, I have to move and walk MUCH slower (even though in my head I am still fast and I want to do things quickly) - which is sometimes annoying, especially when you have an energetic little boy to run after! I am also getting more tired during the day - I have to sneak in naps whenever I can because I feel so drained by the late afternoon. Apart from that the hips and joints are obviously stretching, so I am having a lot of hip pain and occasional lower back pain.

We had a scan at 32 weeks - little lady is growing well and all is in order. She is head down now, which means I get A LOT of pressure on my bladder... not fun. And now that she's almost running out of space in my belly I can see her rolling around and kicking pretty clearly, which sometimes seems so surreal. I tried to film it on my phone, but every time I press record, she stops moving! Cheeky girl.

The nursery is almost finished (!), just adding a few finishing touches, decorations etc. The baby clothes are washed, hospital bags packed... and I think we are almost ready for this baby!

31 weeks pregnant woman wearing black
32 weeks pregnant woman wearing black
33 weeks pregnant woman wearing black
34 weeks pregnant woman wearing black
35 weeks pregnant woman wearing black

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