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One of the most frequent questions I get asked by my clients is "what do we wear to our newborn photoshoot?". It can be very overwhelming to choose clothes that will photograph well, but also make you feel good and comfortable. As part of my booking process, I help you out with this difficult part by discussing your personal style, lifestyle and share resources on the best colour palettes to choose from. Here I'm sharing my top 5 tips to consider when choosing outfits for your next photoshoot.

1 - Take inspiration from your home

As your newborn photo session will take place at your home, draw inspiration from your decor as you most likely use your favourite colours to surround yourself with. If your home is light, bright and airy, then perhaps you would prefer light coloured clothes? Or if you gravitate towards moody and dark decor, perhaps subdued earth tones would appeal more to you?

2 - Classic over trendy

I stand by the sentiment that simplicity is always best. As you are investing in family photos, you want to look back at those for years to come and love how you all look, rather than cringe over this trendy piece you wore. I'm not suggesting your outfits should be boring - injecting personality in various ways is welcome - but I advise against experimenting with outfits just for the photo session.

3 - Compliment each other but don't match

Mums should start with their outfit first and from there build outfits for the rest of the family. Don't think you all have to wear identical outfits - just make sure the outfits complement each other. How do you do that? Put clothes next to each other and see if they clash, or if they look harmonious. Which takes me to the next tip...

4 - Stick to neutral colours

Your photos would look best if you stick to the same colour palette. Think in terms of tones: blue tones, green tones, neutrals, pastels, etc. Or stick with cream, grey and light brown– these work beautifully both for indoor and outdoor photoshoots. I advise against strong colours as these can create a colour cast on people's skin - for example a read top may make your face look slightly red in the photos.

5 - Pick what's most flattering and comfortable

And finally - perhaps the most important tip. You want to choose something that's comfortable and that makes you feel great. Be it a flowing dress, a maxi skirt or plain shirt and jeans - whatever you feel is the most 'you'. After all, I want you to feel relaxed so you don't worry about anything during your photo session, except for focusing on your loved ones.

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