Have you ever considered having photos of your family taken during winter? I reckon the answer is ‘no’ as so many of us prefer to be outside with the kids in warmer seasons, with less layers of clothes and more sunshine on our faces. But what if I told you that winter photoshoots can be… amazing? Magical, even!

You see, I never used to photograph families outdoors (apart of my own one) in winter as my clients would usually opt for indoor sessions (which I love!). But with current restrictions and ever-changing decisions on whether you can go into someone’s house or not, I have been leaning more into outdoor sessions.

Normally if you have a family photoshoot in the summer, the best time to take photos is during the so called ‘golden hour’ (an hour just before the sunset) – which, as you know, can be quite late. And if you have small kids to put to bed, you may not want to hang out having your photos taken quite late in the evening. That’s when winter sessions can be a good alternative!

A sunny day in winter will give you this beautiful warm sunshine and glow pretty much most of the day, because the sun sits so low on the horizon. And because the days are shorter the ‘golden hour’ is much earlier in the day – which means no cranky children close to their bedtime!

And if this doesn’t persuade you to have your photos taken in winter, how about the fact that the winters tend to be much milder these years? Apart from the odd snow days here and there and several frosty mornings, the temperatures never fall too low which means you don’t have to bundle yourself up in ten different layers to keep warm. And if you do get cold at your photo session, just think how amazing it will be when you finally get home and can cosy up on your sofa, under a blanket, with a hot beverage in your hand… doesn’t this sound magical to you? It sure does to me!

So what do you think? Would you ever consider a winter family photoshoot?

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