Establishing a friendly relationship with my clients before our scheduled session is always something I aim for, as it means that when I arrive to meet with a family I already feel like I know them. It was the same when I met with Vivien and Andy and their beautiful baby girl Annabelle. I was greeted with lots of smiles, laughter and so much warmth. Little Annabelle was just over three months when I was invited to their house in West London in early December and she was so curious about me and my big camera! She would look straight into my lens, even when feeding or playing with her parents. It was almost as if she was trying to say 'I'm watching you!'! Her expressions made us all laugh so much. It was this joyful mood and the love and adoration Vivien and Andy had for their daughter that made me so grateful for my job and being able to capture these special moments in the life of this young family of three.

We were nervous about inviting someone into our home and take pictures of us, however Alina was professional yet friendly and made us feel at ease in front of the camera. We will be treasuring these photos for years to come and can't wait to frame them soon - when we get some down time!
mum holding small baby daughter in her arms
parents holding 3 month old baby daughter
three month old asian baby girl
parents laughing holding baby daughter
dad cuddling little baby daughter
asian chinese baby girl laying on playmat
mum dad playing with baby on playmat
three month old baby girl smiling
dad smiling at daughter laying on floor
asian family mum dad baby girl cuddling on bed
dad comforting baby daughter
3 month old baby girl laying on bed with parents
breastfeeding baby looking at camera
baby fingers crossed
mum breastfeeding baby
asian family with three month old baby girl

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