The perfect environment for an in-home photo session

Whenever I book a newborn session my clients always ask me on my tips for how to prepare for a newborn photo session - both in terms of what to wear to a photo session and what to do around the house. While I don’t use props or pose my clients, I like to offer a few suggestions in order to make a photo session enjoyable and stress-free. Here are some of my favourite tips on how to prepare for a newborn session.

Outfit preparation

Have a couple of outfits prepared for the baby and the older sibling (if present), as well as some extra swaddles and blankets ready. Consider the colour scheme of your home and work to complement what already exists. If your home is bright an airy, pale neutrals are the perfect choice. But even if your home decor is on the darker side, neutral and lighter clothes will make you and your baby ‘pop’ against your home environment. Check out my Pinterest board with some outfit ideas and colour palettes.

Do some light cleaning

Many parents are worried they will have to clean and tidy the whole house before the session. I do not require the entire house to be clean and tidy and would not want to put that pressure on you, especially if you’ve got kids – because let’s face it, it’s not that easy to tidy up with kids running around. Whatever area in your house we choose to photograph in, all I ask is that you move distracting objects like clothes, chargers, cups and mugs out of the view. As mentioned before, the master bedroom is usually the best place and I normally ask that you put plain, neutral coloured – preferably white or cream – linen on without strong patterns. Other rooms we may photograph in are living room and baby's nursery.

Play some music

If you are a fan of music, it’s a good idea to have your favourite type of music playing in the background. It would help not only to keep you relaxed and at ease, but it's believed to be soothing for babies, too. I would opt for calm music, which may even help them fall asleep. If unsure what to play, check out this calming playlist on Spotify.

Before the session

Keep the house at a comfortable temperature for the baby and feed him or her prior to our session. By feeding the baby before my arrival we can start off the session straight away with a content and full baby - and a full and happy baby is most likely to be sleepy, which makes for great sleepy photos. And if you have an older child, they are typically most cooperative early on (and more curious about me and my camera), so it’s a win-win for everyone!

Get your pets involved

If you have a pet that's part of your family, get it in front of the camera! It's a lovely way of documenting this new relationship forming between your furry friend and your brand new baby.

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