Walthamstow newborn photoshoot

When a new baby arrives, the whole world turns upside down - or so it seems for the new (mildly shocked and utterly sleep-deprived) parents. You know you want to capture this magical experience with a professional photo session but with so many photographers out there, how do you find a right newborn photographer for you and your family? It is such an important decision to make and I have created this post, which hopefully will help you find the right photographer for you.

Walthamstow newborn photoshoot
walthamstow newborn photographer
newborn photos Walthamstow

Choose a style of photography that appeals to you

First of all, decide what style of photography you like the most. Are you more drawn into a studio shoot, with more posed and formal shots? Would you like your baby to be wrapped up in blankets and put in various baskets, surrounded by props? Or would you prefer a more natural, relaxed approach in the comfort of your own home - having your baby captured in the familiar surroundings, wearing their own clothes (sometimes even ones with sentimental value)? Once you have decided, make sure to check out a few photographers' websites (or Instagram portfolios) and see if their images appeal to you.

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newborn photoshoot at home London

Connect with the images

While beautiful photographs are very important when choosing a photographer for your family, it is crucial to find someone you can connect with. When looking at your chosen photographer's portfolio online, can you see yourself in these kinds of images? Do these photos make you feel something? It may sound simple, but a photograph's ultimate goal is to evoke an emotion - from shock and disbelief (think photojournalism and documentary style of photography), to nostalgia, longing, awe etc. Look at the portfolios and ask yourself - do these photos make me feel anything?

how to find right newborn photographer East London
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Walthamstow newborn photoshoot

Know exactly how much the photography service will cost

There's nothing worse than signing up for a service thinking you know the price of, only to find out later down the line that there are some 'hidden costs' you didn't know about. While browsing different portfolios, make sure you check out all their pricing info and any small print which may include digital files, printed goods etc.

(My pricing is all-inclusive, meaning you don't have to worry about any hidden costs before, during or after your shoot).

natural newborn photography London
relaxed newborn photoshoot London
natural newborn photos London

Find someone you can feel comfortable with

This is so important. You need to feel comfortable with the person who is taking your photos. And how can you find out if the photographer you've chosen is a good fit for you and your family? Follow them on Instagram, check out their Facebook page, see what they're like 'behind the scenes'. Are they parents themselves? Do they share similar hobbies or interests to you? Do you share same values or sense of humour? Social media can be great at showing us 'real life' but if you want something more, why don't you give your chosen photographer a call and have a chat with them?

(My number one priority is to make my clients feel comfortable with me, so I make a real effort to get to know them before we have our shoot. I always aim to schedule a phone call so we can discuss ideas and expectations for the shoot, while adding the human element to our interaction. And on social media I share not only my portfolio images, but also 'the real me' behind the scenes - my day-do-day life, my struggles and worries, and sometimes even funny bits too!)

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Read testimonials

Check out the photographer's reviews and testimonials left by their previous clients. Do they share a common thread? Do they mention the photographer's character? Sense of humour? Professionalism? Social proof is incredibly useful so make sure you read those.

And hopefully at the end of this you have found the right newborn photographer for you and your family. Someone who will be friendly and take time while taking photos of your precious little one.

Someone who will make you feel at ease and who will be easy to talk to.

And someone who will capture beautiful, natural and relaxed photos of your brand new baby.

“We selected Alina to photograph our new born baby girl because we loved the more natural styling of her shoots and the fact that she can come to your home we thought would add a more personal touch to our pictures. We were not disappointed - Alina made us feel extremely at ease, we didn’t feel rushed and she was very flexible to the needs of a new born baby, she made the day really enjoyable and it felt like it whizzed by.”

East London newborn photographer
East London newborn photoshoot
East London photographer
East London newborn photographer

Your journey to parenthood deserves to be celebrated and cherished. Get in touch and let's plan the perfect maternity and newborn photoshoot to capture the essence of this incredible chapter in your life!

Not ready to book yet? Click here to check out my free checklist of photos you should take in your baby's first year!