Dear Dads,

I want to say thank you for all the big and little things you do for us, Mums, and the kids.

You don't always get the recognition for all the hard work you do on a daily basis. And yet, you are the foundation of your family and an unsung hero to your children and you deserve this appreciation post.

Thank you...

For swaying and cuddling the little one in your arms in a middle of the night.

For rubbing colicky bellies, changing countless nappies and taking night feeds so Mum can rest.

For having your very own special relationship with the kids, full of inside jokes, knowing looks and smiles.

For showing kindness and patience every single day, even when you're tired or stressed.

dad holding baby boy close to chest
dad kissing baby daughter head
open letter to dads essex London photographer
dad in grey t-shirt cuddling baby daughter
open letter to dads essex London photographer

No matter how you came into fatherhood. And no matter how long it took.

You bring the silliness and playfulness into your home and a sense of adventure.

You are the best at giving shoulder rides and piggy-backs.

You can build countless brick towers, amazing Lego creations, play cars and trains on the floor and have tea parties with the cuddly teddies.

You smile politely when you are asked to watch "Frozen" (or other film) for the umpteenth time.

You show the kids the world around you and listen to them attentively (even when they tell you something silly).

Thank you, Dads - for everything you do. Your unconditional love and unwavering support doesn't ever go unnoticed.

father and son walking in forest
father and daughter playing in forest
dad smiling at his two kids

“Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, and singers of song.”

man in striped t-shirt looking at his baby daughter
open letter to dads Father's Day essex London
tattooed dad sitting with son on sofa
dad holding daughter upside down laughing
10 day old baby boy in dad arms

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