East London maternity photographer

When I spoke to Liya and Graziano about arranging a pregnancy photoshoot by Tower Bridge, I couldn't help but feel excited. If you know me you will know that Tower Bridge is my favourite monument in London. It's the first one I saw when I first came to London many years ago. I frequently visit it and it will always have a special place in my heart. And it turns out that it holds a sentimental value to the soon-to-be-parents too, as they have decided they wanted this astonishing landmark to be the backdrop for their photo session.

We started off their maternity photo session in St Katherine Docks, which was so peaceful and quiet that day. It all comes to life later on in the day with the buzz of cafes, restaurants and impressive boats docked in the area. We then walked towards the river and Tower of London, having the glorious Tower Bridge in the background. The sidewalk was unusually quiet (normally it's full of tourists), so Liya and Graziano took a leisurely stroll, stopping every now and then for cuddles, kisses and a dance.

After crossing the bridge we walked along The Queens Walk area where the Mayor’s Office is situated. It provides a stark contrast to the traditional architecture of Tower Bridge and Tower of London with its modern buildings and skyscrapers. It was a perfect backdrop to create unique, modern and urban maternity photos for this lovely couple.

“Alina is lovely to work with, and took stunning maternity photos for us!”

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