So here we are again, expecting baby number 2! It's been four years since my last pregnancy and it's funny how I forgot lots of things about being pregnant (the aches, the symptoms etc), but then my body definitely remembered how to be pregnant. It's pretty amazing, really.

I have just finished my fourth month and am now in the so-called 'honeymoon period of pregnancy' and I am feeling good! I am regaining my energy and got the motivation to do things. Which is such a contrast to the first trimester, when I pretty wished my days away because I was feeling SO rough. I had the worst nausea and was feeling extremely tired. I lost my appetite and only ate for the sake of it. I kept a low profile, didn't do much and tried to conserve the little energy I had left.

This is the first official 'bump photo' and therefore only one I have for this month. I am hoping to take one every week and have these updates monthly. Last pregnancy I was taking more posed shots, in a white t-shirt, against the wall and with weekly stickers stuck to my tummy. This time I am thinking of capturing some more documentary-style photos, and I thought what a better way to do it than in the bathroom, whilst getting ready?

17 weeks pregnant woman

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