It's always a bit tricky when I arrive at a photoshoot location and I'm meeting the kids for the first time - will they like me? Or will they totally shut down and won't let me photograph them? Luckily, I always have a few tricks up my sleeve and very soon kids start to open up, show me their favourite toys and just generally be completely natural and themselves.

It was the same situation with these two. The lovely duo showed me what they liked doing in their garden on sunny days and I just followed them along. We later moved inside the house, where they proudly showed me their gorgeous rooms and favourite toys. Finally, the whole family scrambled on the bed for a few family photos, cuddles and giggles!

I highly recommend Alina as a family photographer - the shoot was very relaxed and lot of fun!
boy in white shirt laughing
little girl in dress wearing football in garden
Romford family photos at home
brother and sister playing football in garden
family photos Romford home
two kids jumping in air garden
two kids playing in garden
6 year old girl
5 year old boy in white shirt
girl spelling name Bethany on letter board
girl dancing in garden
family photos at home in Romford
at home family photos Romford
mum in blue dress hugging daughter
5 year old boy playing Star Wars light saber
6 year old girl playing with dolls in her room home Romford
brother and sister hugging smiling
little girl sitting at desk
mum sitting on bed with 5 year old son
boy sitting on red trunkie

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