Visiting this brand new family and meeting their newborn baby boy brought up memories of when my little boy was this small. You forget how tiny a three-week-old is and the little noises that they make! But what was also special was seeing the new parents finding themselves in their new roles. Even though it's only been three weeks into this special journey, they already knew what to do, what to expect and how to soothe their little baby.

Really happy with our sessions with Alina. Photos were amazing, we couldn't be more thrilled with how they came out, and didn't take long for her to edit and send them to us either!
3 week old newborn boy
tiny newborn hand
tiny new born baby boy sleeping Moses basket
newly born baby boy with hands near face
mum sitting on brown sofa holding newly born baby boy
mum in grey t-shirt holding baby boy in arms
7 week old newly born baby in grey onesie
little baby boy in grey onesie
mum holding baby son near chest
asleep baby boy in grey onesie
mum sitting on brown sofa in blue room looking at baby boy

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