Relaxed outdoor family photography

Having a summer family photoshoot at home and outside in the garden is the best of both worlds, if you ask me. I love at home photoshoots with all my heart, and when the weather is super nice it is definitely worth exploring the outdoors - particularly if we can just step outside into your garden! When photographing my clients my goal is always to keep things as relaxed as possible. The more relaxed everyone is, the more natural and candid the photos are. And relaxed outdoor family photography was what we were hoping to achieve!

I was so happy to photograph this family again (having captured them at the newborn session a few months prior) and this time we mixed things up. We started off with some photos inside, then ventured outside as the weather was glorious, and we finished off with a little kitchen disco! And while I always look for interesting backgrounds to add colour and texture to the shots, the main focus of my photos is always the emotional bond between the parents and the children, and the fun moments that are unfolding in front of us there and then. And I definitely got lots of lovely interactions at this session - just look at all the smiles, you can almost hear the giggles by looking at these photos!

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