I remember preparing myself for this family shoot and wondering how I will photograph three energetic children plus their parents. Will the kids be shy? Will they act naturally and let me capture them just being themselves? I guess this is a photographer's common worry before any shoot - will I be able to deliver the candid and natural photos that I am asked to deliver?

Turned out, I didn't have to worry at all. This family of five was very friendly and they were just themselves. Me arriving with the camera didn't interrupt anything: the boys were playing cricket and football, the little girl was running around the garden, and the parents were enjoying getting involved in the games and savouring the quality family time.

I left their house thinking documentary family photography was my favourite type of photography and I was so happy and humbled that I got to document this wonderful Sunday for this gorgeous family.

Cannot rate Alina highly enough! She was extremely friendly and discreet allowing us to be our natural selves without feeling the need to play up to the camera. The outcome was fantastic.... our pictures are natural and I could not be more pleased!
family playing football in garden
two brother playing football in garden
boy kicking football in goal net
dad high giving ginger daughter
mum playing football with two sons
ginger girl smiling with daddy
little ginger girl in garden
dad playing football with two sons
boy in blue shirt playing football
boy jumping on inflatable slide
mum and daughter sitting on inflatable slide
kids sliding off inflatable slide
mum watching two kids sliding off inflatable slide
mum sliding off inflatable slide with daughter
mum and daughter having fun on inflatable slide
Upminster family of five having fun on inflatable slide
family photos at home in Upminster
mum laughing with kids
boy sliding off inflatable slide
family photos in Upminster home
dad sitting with son on patio having ice cream
kids having ice cream in garden
Upminster family playing on patio
mum holding ginger haired daughter in arms
mum sitting with son on grass
husband and wife hugging smiling in garden
family in garden at home in Upminster
mum playing with red haired daughter
Upminster family photos at home in garden
family photos Upminster

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