My little girl Emilia is three years old today!

Oh, what a year it's been. She only started preschool last March when the whole world stopped and our lives changed. We all spent more time at homein the garden and exploring our local parks. And in the midst of the chaos Emilia continued to shine, make us laugh and spread her joy all around. Sometimes I look at her and can't believe it's been three years since her birth (in our living room!). I still remember so clearly when she was a tiny little baby and now she talks in full sentences, is toilet trained, goes to preschool and has more sass than anyone I've ever met!

This past year was undoubtedly challenging for all of us, but it was also very special as Emilia turned from a toddler to a little girl. She has learned so many new things, got more independent, but also stayed fun, cheeky, feisty and cute. I am so lucky to be her mama.

At three years old, Emilia:

  • understands English and Polish equally well, but prefers to speak and reply back in English
  • speaks full sentences and makes funny grammatical mistakes, i.e. 'eated', 'drinked'
  • is obsessed with Antek - these two have grown much closer during lockdown and it's been beautiful to see their friendship get deeper
  • loves raisins, chocolate brioches, pasta, milk and kabanosy - but is currently at a 'fussy eating' stage and only sticks to eating her favourites (which is quite a challenge!)
  • no longer naps but goes to bed really easily (around 7.30pm) and wakes up around 7/7.30am (but sometimes sleeps in until 8/8.30am!)
  • loves Gekko from PJ Masks, lizards in general, robots, Cars and Super Wings
  • can say the alphabet, count to 20 (almost - number 13 is not her strong suit!)
  • her favourite colours are yellow and green
  • loves role play and her cuddly toys (which she has A LOT of!)
  • goes to preschool twice a week
emilia three years old stacking blocks
sad emilia three years old
little girl feeding goose in park
emilia three years old smiling
black and white portrait of girl playing in playground
emilia three years old eating ice lolly
little girl blowing dandelion
black and white photo of little girl on potty wearing sunglasses
emilia three years old
emilia at three years old picking up blueberries
little girl in gingham dress picking up blueberries
emilia at three years old sitting on sofa
emilia at three years old dressed in funny clothes yellow wellies
little girl showing off tongue to camera cooking with thermomix tm6
emilia at three years old
emilia three years old looking at leaf
autumn walk in forest with small girl in yellow jacket
self portrait mum with little girl laughing
small girl dressed in fancy costume gecko pj masks

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