Our baby girl is one year old.

One year ago we woke up to the exciting news that we were just about to welcome our long awaited baby into this world. It was just another Monday morning in January and everyone was getting ready to start their day. But for us it was one of the best mornings in our lives - so magical, so peaceful and so perfect. I knew a great adventure was ahead of us, but I don't think I realised how amazing the next twelve months were going to be.

This past year has been incredible. Emilia was great as a newborn (with the exception of a few nights when we just couldn't get her to sleep) and we couldn't enjoy her more. I found myself cherishing those first days and weeks even more second time around because I knew how fleeting they are. She fitted perfectly into our family and our routine and soon we couldn't remember what our lives were like before she joined us. Antek couldn't be more besotted with his little sister. To see them developing what I hope is going to be a lifelong friendship has been absolutely heart-melting.

With all the exciting momentsmilestonesspecial occasions and everyday life, I was trying so hard to stop, be more present in the moment and remember all the little things about her, but here we are - twelve months later and she's no longer a baby. It is such a bittersweet feeling. I am happy and proud to see her developing into this lovely little girl, but at the same time I am so sad that she's no longer the baby who snuggled right on my chest. She's so sweet and adorable that sometimes I can't believe she's mine to love forever!

I am so excited to see how she will grow over the next year. She may officially be a toddler now, but for me she will always be my baby.

baby girl wearing green bib eating puree
baby girl laying on belly on floor playing with soft plush toy
baby girl laying on green grass in the summer
big brother little sister cuddling on bed
little baby girl sitting in armchair looking up
small baby feet girl standing
sunshine entering room baby girl playing on floor
small baby girl sitting in a cardboard box
baby hair from above
little baby girl playing with wooden blocks on floor
little baby girl sitting on the floor playing with wooden toy
christmas tree baby girl
little girl in nappy holding mobile phone sitting on bed
one year old girl smiling to camera