I am finally getting around to give you a recap of our Easter this year. I don't know about you but I definitely didn't feel the Easter spirit this year. Maybe because it was so late, or maybe because last few weeks have been so crazy busy with other work/family commitments. I am guilty to admit I didn't really prepare that well for the holiday. I didn't decorate our house, I didn't plan any Easter arts and crafts activities (and decorating eggs is a big thing in Poland). In the run up to Easter I felt awful for not being more 'on top' of everything, more prepared and more organised. I thought I'd ruined Easter this year (isn't it strange what your mind can do? Crazy!). I thought Antek would be disappointed that we didn't have anything planned.

And then the Easter week arrived. The weather was lovely and meant we could spend more time outside. We got our garden furniture and outdoors toys out. Antek was happy to cook us a pretend barbecue (so delicious!) and Emilia was teaching herself how to climb up the slide and go down (and giving herself claps after every successful slide down!). We had a big family lunch and ate so many chocolate eggs I thought our stomachs would burst. On Easter Sunday we did an Easter egg hunt in our garden and the kids loved it (even though some of the eggs sadly melted in the sunshine!). We spent all of our days outside and went to bed shattered every night from all the fun.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is - I didn't plan for a perfect Easter but it turned out to be a pretty good one. Definitely one that the kids really enjoyed. And that's what matters the most, right?

dad playing with toddler girl in garden
dad twirling with toddler daughter in garden
kids playing with pebbles in garden
kids playing in garden with pebbles
boy in blue t-shirt playing with toy barbecue
two kids watering garden plants with hose
Easter egg hunting in garden
kids searching for chocolate eggs in garden
little girl in peach dress with yellow bucket looking for chocolate eggs
toddler girl in peach dress running towards camera
dad and daughter playing in garden
mum with two kids easter

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