Month eight of the Project 365 is behind me, yay!

What a month it was... we started it off with our annual trip to Poland for a chunk of our summer holiday. The kids hadn't been there since Christmas so they had a lot to explore in and around the house and garden. Summer in Poland is always hot and sunny so we spent all of our days outside playing in the garden, blowing bubbles, picking up blackberries, peaches, tomatoes and cooling ourselves in a splashing pool. Kids absolutely loved it! The proof was in a pile of dirty clothes at the end of the day and their smiling faces. Whilst in Poland my husband and I even managed to get away for a couple of days to Warsaw - it was so good to take some time off, just us two. We loved it there and would like to visit again in the future.

After we got back from Poland we repacked, washed our clothes and packed again and went to Crete for a family holiday. It was amazing! The weather didn't disappoint, the place was fabulous and the kids (yet again) were loving our days spent by the pool and on the beach. Our routine went out of the window and we had to be a bit more relaxed about bedtimes and mealtimes but it was worth it.

And after we got back we had a few more days left until Anthony was going back to school, so we did a lot of park trips, ate a lot of ice cream and even ordered pizza a couple of times... all of it while I was catching up on laundry and housework. It's never easy with two kids at home!

project 365 august 2019 monthly photo grid

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