Month twelve and the last month of the Project 365 is finished!

I have officially completed the project and I couldn’t be happier, what an accomplishment! One word could summarise December: Christmas. We started the month with decorating our tree and the house for the festive season and the kids were so excited to get involved (especially Emilia as it was her first time being more aware of what was going on that month). Our tree was slightly heavy with decorations at the bottom but it added to the atmosphere.

Other things that happened that month: Anthony got into drawing maps, continents and countries, Emilia realised she was a big fan of jigsaw puzzles (much to my content as that was my favourite thing to do growing up) and we were joined by our family elf on a shelf – Anaka (guess who chose this name?). Kids absolutely loved seeing what mischief he got into every morning. Although I must admit, I was quite relieved when he was gone on Christmas Day as I felt like my creativity had run dry at this point! I can imagine I’m not the only parent thinking that, right?

We had a lovely Christmas at home and enjoyed having family over on Christmas Day – even if it meant mild chaos getting everything cooked and ready on time! I totally enjoyed being completely unplugged for the whole Christmas week and appreciated the time with our family. That’s not to say this Christmas was easy… it was still quite difficult as it was our first one without my Dad.

The rest of our festive break was spent having lazy mornings (sometimes in our pyjamas until very late morning), enjoying walks together, playing with jigsaw puzzles and eating so. much. food. By the end of the month I think we were all quite looking forward to the new year and the return of our normal routine!

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