I am half way through my third month of the project, so I guess it's time to share my photos from February.

I really enjoyed February and found inspiration quite easily (this doesn't always happen, especially with long-term projects, so that felt good!). I was getting used to taking my camera everywhere with me, but there were also two occasions when I took my daily photos with my iPhone (can you spot them?). And you know what? It's fine. It's fine! It's my project and I don't mind if some of the photos will be taken with my DSLR and some with my phone (I wrote a post about things I've learned from doing my previous Project 365 and I touch on that subject). I am committing to shooting daily and that's what matters. And the good thing about doing this project again is I can go back to the photos I took last time I did this project and compare things, people, places, etc.

In summary, most of our days were spent indoors and in the middle of the month it was also half term week. We enrolled Antek into a three-day football course and he really enjoyed it - so much so that would come home every afternoon and go straight into our garden to practice his football skills! Once the weather improved we got some new plants for our garden. We also visited Ashlyns Farm in Ongar one day and it was so lovely seeing how the kids were reacting to different animals. One other thing I enjoyed doing in February was experimenting taking photos with different lighting situations. I would try and spot pockets of light and grab my camera quickly. It really made me more creative!

project 365 February 2019 monthly grid

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