Here we are, halfway through the year and halfway through this project!

It seems like quite a milestone that I have finished the sixth month of shooting daily and I must admit, it gets easier now - I definitely got myself into a rhythm and am pretty determined to keep going.

June was a very joyful month. We had hot weather pretty much throughout the month and as a result we spent almost every afternoon and early evening outside playing, jumping on the trampoline, caring for our plants and flowers and just generally enjoying the long summer days. We introduced Emilia to our paddling pool and she loved it! So much so that she is always so excited whenever we get it out - she is even happy playing in it when it's without water. Talk about water babies, eh?

There was also plenty of handwriting practice, Lego building, snack stealing (looking at both of the kids!), Forky from Toy Story 4 building, playground visits and cooling off in hot weather. It was a pretty good month, I think!

project 365 June 2019 monthly image grid

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