Month eleven of the Project 365 is done!

So proud of myself for sticking with this project for eleven months now and almost finishing it! I admit, it takes a lot of organising to shoot daily, cull the photos, edit the chosen ones, create these grids... but all the effort is worth it and I am now so excited to be so close to the finishing line! Although I reckon it won't be the end for me and this project as I have a suspicion I will keep shooting daily come January 2020!

So, back to November. It felt both like a very long month and also it went by super quickly... does this make sense? The fact it was a long month was probably due to the fact there were no days off, Antek was at school every day and we had lots of things going on. Throw into this various bugs and illnesses and some days were dragging. But at the same time it feels like November just came and went.

November is definitely not one of my favourite months due to miserable weather and short days (ugh), but one thing I did like about it was the LIGHT and SHADOWS it created during the day. Watching the light move around our rooms and shooting some of the still life was pretty interesting. I always thought summer months were the best to shoot in because of long days and plenty of light, but I might be preferring winter months for that reason.

We didn't really go out that much last month so a lot of photos were taken at home and of Emilia or various still life. Oh well, that's life I suppose. Hopefully my December's grid will look a bit more festive!

project 365 november 2019 long monthly grid

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