Ninth month of the Project 365 is in the books!

I reckon every mum of a school-aged kid must have felt relief at the beginning of September... I know I did! Don't get me wrong, we had a great summer with lots of going on, but I was craving a bit of normality and our usual routine that comes with the school year. Plus I also knew that Anthony was looking forward to going back to his school friends and starting Year 1. The beginning of the month was spent on us getting back to the swing of things, while still spending lots of our time outside and visiting local parks. The weather was so nice, it would have been rude not to! Midway through the month I attended a Clickin Moms Clickin Walk around London which was so lovely - especially that I got to see my favourite monument in the city, Tower Bridge (fun fact: it was the very first monument I saw when I first came to London many many years ago and it holds a very special place in my heart for that reason).

While the first part of the month seemed happy and cheerful, the second part of September was not so much. I travelled briefly to Poland to see my Dad for the last time as he had been terminally ill over the past few months and his condition was quickly deteriorating. I wrote about it all in a separate blog post, but it was a heartbreaking and emotionally draining visit. Especially that I said my final goodbye to him on Sunday afternoon (second to last photo on this grid) and he passed away the following morning. As much as we were aware that this day would come very soon, it was still very hard to process.

Project 365 September 2019

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