I am a huge fan of in-home newborn sessions (or any family session for that matter). I believe there is nothing more special than photographing a new baby in their first home, with the closest people around him or her. I always try to approach newborn sessions with as much ease, grace, calm, and love as possible - and doing so at my clients' houses allows me to do that.

If you are an expecting parent and unsure what an in-home newborn session looks like, let me give you just five of the many reasons why these type of photography sessions are becoming popular with new parents (and are one of the best things you could do for your family's memories).

5 reasons to have at home newborn photo session

1. You're in your comfort zone - no need to leave the house

You have just had a baby. You are most likely sleep-deprived, in a state of a mild shock and very very tired. Why would you want to leave the house to go somewhere to have your photos taken? Find someone who will come to you, so you can only focus on one thing - taking care of your precious baby.

reasons to have newborn session at home mum cuddling with baby boy on bed
baby boy looking back at mum
big sister touching little baby brother nose

2. Take the pressure off

I know you have every intention of taking the photos yourself - whether with your big camera or your smartphone. But the truth is - you won't. Do you really think you will have enough energy and stamina to set up a self timer, get dressed, get everyone ready, take candid and natural shots of the family, then sit down and edit the photos and even print some of them? Did you do that with your wedding photos or did you hire someone to do all this for you? I think I know the answer to this one.

Please cut yourself some slack and let someone do all of this for you. Like me, for example! I will be more than happy to help you capture these special early moments with your newborn baby at the comfort of your own home.

newborn baby boy with black hair
dad holding newborn baby boy son in his arms
mum toddler girl and newborn baby boy on bed smiling

3. Flexibility

There is no itinerary to an in-home newborn session, we just go with the flow. I let you and your baby dictate our time together. If you need to take a break - we take a break. If you need to feed the baby - you feed the baby. If you need take care of a massive blowout situation - I've seen it all and I allow for all of this to happen. I don't ever want you to think that we need to rush. Babies don't rush, they take their sweet time - and so should you. This is a new chapter in your life, one you're still getting used to, and we allow for the moments to unfold organically.

sleepy newborn baby boy cuddling mum
tiny baby foot in dad hands
mum looking adoringly at dad with two kids on sofa

4. Your home is part of your story

During every newborn sessions I like to take detail shots of the baby's nursery, your bedroom and/or main living area. That's because your home is an integral part of your story and this life's season. It's your baby's first ever home and he or she will love to look at these photos showing what your decor was like when he/she was a baby, what you were into etc.

And just so you know, you should never apologise for the mess in your home, for clutter, for mismatched decor - this is your home, your haven, your safe space. And it's part of who you are and this season of life. And I love to document it all.

reasons to have newborn session at home
serious toddler girl looking at camera
family of four with toddler girl and baby boy

5. Your session will be one of a kind

Your story is unique so your photos should be, too. You won't see your baby wearing a flower crown, a fur blanket or be posed in a wicker basket - just like another baby (or dozen of other babies) in a studio session. Instead, you will have photographs of your precious little bundle of joy in their very own space, wearing their own outfits (completely new ones or the ones you have inherited from your own childhood). Not a single session is the same, and that's the beauty of it. It will be completely YOURS.

See other photos from this beautiful at-home newborn session in this post.

woman in white blue dress breastfeeding newborn son
family of four with toddler girl newborn baby boy
dad in white t-shirt holding little baby boy in his arms

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