One of the questions I often receive from expectant parents is 'when should I have an in-home newborn session?'. And my answer is always the same: as soon as possible after the baby is born!

Whether it's your first baby or you are a seasoned parent, there is nothing more special than those first days and weeks with the new baby. It's chaotic, a bit messy, very much reliant on coffee and ready meals, but at the same time the most amazing, beautiful, glorious and extremely fleeting. That's why I can never get enough of photographing new families not long after they bring a tiny little human back home.

As a mum of two, I am more than aware that the first days/weeks with a brand new baby are crazy, filled with love, affection, and a lack of routine. And that's what's so wonderful about it all. Do you know why? Because I document it all, just the way it is.

The way you or your partner feeds the baby.

The way you hold him or her, close to your heart.

The way you change the nappy, while simultaneously care for your older child.

The way the toddler shows his or her affection to the new baby.

The truth is, an in-home newborn session is not only about the baby. It's about you all becoming a family, trying to navigate this new season of life and figuring it all out. And while an in-home storytelling session is best done within the first two weeks of baby's life, the truth is that unlike posed newborn photography I can come to your house during the first week or month, or even six months after your baby arrives.

Because at the end of the day, the best time is always NOW - and whenever your session takes place I can guarantee there will be plenty of beautiful, wonderful and extraordinary in the most ordinary way stories to tell.

We have nothing but great things to say about our experience with Alina. Having a newborn shoot 2 weeks after giving birth and with a toddler could have been stressful but Alina made the whole experience very relaxed and put us at ease instantly so that we all really enjoyed the day. Having just received the images from Alina we couldn't be happier, they are absolutely stunning, each one capturing our little family just as we are. We can't stop looking at them, they are beautiful.
one week old baby boy in dad hand looking at camera
mum laying on bed with new born son looking at him
mum and toddler girl cuddling with baby brother on bed
big sister holding little baby brother on big bed
little baby boy laying on feeding pillow with big sister
dad holding new born son close to chest
new born baby boy cuddled by dad
brunette mum kissing baby son on forehead
mum holding her baby on master bed
5 reasons to book in-home newborn session
family of four playing in play room at home
5 reasons to book in-home newborn session
5 reasons to book in-home newborn session
when to book in-home newborn session
mum breastfeeding baby boy standing
when to book in-home newborn session
when to book in-home newborn session
dad touching his newborn son foot
newborn baby boy laying on big white fluffy pillow on floor
in-home newborn session with family of four toddler girl baby boy
mum dad toddler girl baby boy family portrait
family of four toddler girl newborn baby boy
when to book in-home newborn session

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