My little boy has turned five years old.

And even though we've been talking about his birthday for a while (him especially!), it still caught me by surprise. Well, maybe not the day itself but the fact the he turned five. FIVE! That's half a decade!

five years old boy shocked seeing birthday cake with sparkler topper

So what is Antek like at five years old? What does he like?

For starters, he is obsessed with Lego. He got his first Lego set after Emilia was born last year and since then he's been steadily growing his collection. He could play with it all day, every day. He is very creative and builds fabulous vehicles, buildings and creates these funny elaborate 'adventures' with his mini-figures in his Lego City.

five years old boy playing lego classic in his bedroom on floor
five years old boy reading lego book on sofa

He enjoys playing football, riding a scooter and bike, swimming, ice-skating, jumping on a trampoline and in general being active and outdoors.

big brother little baby sister jumping on trampoline in garden
little boy wearing england football kit sitting on grass in garden looking at camera
boy holding a snowball in his hands dressed in red winter jacket in a garden covered in snow
boy jumping with joy in a field of pumpkin patch dressed in yellow winter coat and wearing red sunglasses

He loves going to school and he's been so good at learning how to read and write and blend into the structured school routine.

little boy dressed in primary school uniform standing with mum wearing bright red cardigan smiling
little boy dressed in a willy wonka fancy dress costume striking a pose on staircase

He is smart, intelligent and extremely curious - so much so, that we recently got him a kids encyclopaedia to quench his thirst for knowledge! He wants to know everything about the world around him and it is magical to see him finding about the things that we adults take for granted. He loves his little sister so much and even if he sometimes complains about her you can tell that he's besotted with her and naturally navigates towards her. He can be extremely stubborn, impatient, and get frustrated very easily, but at the same time he is kind, loving and caring.

little boy in yellow winter jacket sitting inside a huge tractor tyre in the field
little boy carrying tray of flowers in a garden centre
five years old boy sitting on bed wearing leyton orient football shirt grinning at camera

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