Month ten is officially finished - the end of the project is near!

October felt surreal. After my dad passing away at the end of September, October was understandably very much a grieving month, full of sadness and tears. The first week especially I felt as if I was living on autopilot. There was this huge weight of realisation of what just happened, yet I still had to look after the kids, the house and myself. We were preparing to fly out to Poland so I had to pack as well. Once in Poland I had ambiguous feelings. On one hand I was happy to see my mum and other members of my family and to give them a hug, be there with them at this difficult time. But on the other hand seeing my dad's empty armchair, his clothes still hung neatly in the wardrobe, his office full of papers and personal belongings... that was hard.

I was lucky enough to spend nearly three weeks in Poland. During this time Emilia and I took lots of trip to the park as the weather was incredibly mild - over 20 degrees on some days! It felt so good to be outside and catching those last rays of sunshine. Especially that autumn in Poland is so incredibly beautiful.

We got back home towards the end of the month and we wanted to focus on something fun, so we got a couple of pumpkins for the kids and got them ready just in time for Halloween (a tradition that we started two years ago). We didn't go crazy on the actual day - kids wore their old costumes (Antek was a witch for a third year in a row, and Emilia was a black cat for the second time in her life) and we just went to a few houses on our street to do 'trick or treating'. And that was it, another month done! Let's hope November is going to be a bit more positive.

Alina Clark Photography Project 365 October

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